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Jenna Ushkowitz is the co-founder of Kindred: The Foundation for Adoption.  She is also an accomplished and still growing Broadway actress.  Her podcast involves many Hollywood and inspirational people.  Her podast should perhaps be called Infinite Energies!  Try to keep up!

Infinite Positivities Podcast

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Adapted: Korean-American Adoptees Living in Korea

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Infinite Positivities Podcast

A better adoption

Before orphanages became marketing tools for tourist dollars and collecting stations for shipping kids overseas (i.e., a long, long time ago), a group of students at Central Michigan University adopted an orphanage.  They sent money to them over several years to provide clothing, food, and other necessities like an ox and pigs.

The orphans, now grown up, still remember those students.

“I’ll tell you what I like to think to myself,” Kirwan muses. “When I die and I get to the golden gates and they won’t open, I’m gonna yell, ‘Are there any Korean orphans here?’ They’ll open them for me.”